AMA Recap: exeno’s IEO on AAX

Recently, we took part in an AMA session organized by our IEO partner – AAX. If you were not able to participate, nothing is lost! From this blog post, you will find out everything that is important on the day of exeno IEO!

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Exeno launched its IEO on AAX exchange.

Total rewards:2,000 EXN

Total number of participants: 300+(Combined with the number of people who sent messages/answered questions during the ama and Red envelope collection speed)

Topic: Let’s get close to EXENO

Time:  Sep 30 12:00 (UTC)

Place: AAX Telegram https://t.me/aaxcommunity

Guest&Title: Gary – Chief Growth Officer; Gosia – Chief Marketing Officer


1.Red packet airdrop warm-up(Amount: 600   Number:  100 )

2.Introduce Part

3.Q&A Part

4.Quick Question and Answer

5.Red packet airdrop (Amount: 600  Number: 100 )

6.Quiz Part (Reward for each rush answer: 40, 5 questions in total.)

7.AMA ends, and Red packet airdrops.   (Amount: 600    Number: 100)

1. Host: 

Hi, AAX Fam! Before our AMA is about to start, get ready for the red envelopes that EXENO has prepared for you. Remember to claim and participate in the AMA!

Congratulations to everyone who grabbed the red envelope! The AMA has officially started! As a warm reminder, there will be more surprises EXENO gives for you, please pay attention to our ama process~

2. Introduction: 


Hi~  Before Q&A starts, could you please introduce yourself to us?


I am the Chief Growth Officer here at exeno. I’ve collaborated with the company to some degree for nearly two years now and officially joined last year.  As a result, I’ve been able to witness first hand its rapid progress. For me, exeno developing real well thought out products meaning to address real challenges within the blockchain & crypto space really got me excited and what we have planned this year from products to our exeno coin listing at AAX starting literally now, continues to drive me. I have been a crypto enthusiast since 2011, mining & trading and got focused in the industry more career-wise from 2017 within numerous blockchain & crypto projects.


Hello again. I’ve been the Chief Marketing Officer here at exeno for a year now and am still as energized about it as I was when I started. While my background is working with some very well recognized international brands, personally I’ve been investing in crypto since 2018. In addition to what Gary mentioned and the ability to finally enter this space correctly, what also really attracted me to exeno was the ecosystem combining well thought out & logically connected features that we will see more of this coming year and onwards.


Thank you for your introduction~ You are very welcome! And let’s look forward to the next process.Now, the Q & A session is  beginning!

3. Q&A


Q1: Could you briefly describe what EXENO is? What does EXENO do?

Gosia:Exeno is an innovative crypto ecommerce (“crypto commerce”) focused company that allows you to take full advantage of the benefits and advancements introduced by blockchain. As a pioneer in the crypto commerce industry, exeno is paving the way for the Web3 shopping & commerce experience. The company is developing innovative tools and solutions like the first P2P crypto-only marketplace, an unrivaled price stabilizing mechanism for shopping with crypto, and much more. All exeno activities are guided by the idea to increase crypto adoption and finally bring crypto to life. The project is based on such foundations as the exeno store and exeno coin – these existing products are available to you now. I encourage you all to get even more information about our vision and products, by reading our whitepaper, which you can find here.

We are really proud of this document, as it is a true and solid description of where we are coming from and where we are heading. This is really revolutionary, what we are doing. Why?  Because we are developing features either unseen before or – to date – not used fully in the manner we are planning.  Some of these features include:

– Developing an unrivaled price stabilizing mechanism.

– Launching an SSO-based KYC process in which the customer keeps full control and ownership of their own data.

– We will launch the first P2P crypto-only marketplace. You will be able not only to buy NFTs and physical goods with crypto but sell them as well. You can exchange your book or phone for crypto, for example.  More importantly, it will be a fully safe, secure, and seamless environment that has existed in the fiat world for years but never in the crypto space until now.


Exeno–An innovative crypto e-commerce focused company~

It sounds very interesting, after all, the development of e-commerce is very prosperous already, and people are getting used to shopping online hahaha

Q2: How big is your team? Please introduce the core team of EXENO.


We are around 30 full time employees of which just over half are within the IT / developer department, with the next larger team being marketing & comms and the rest are operational & admin.  All team members have at least 4 years of relevant experience with senior members having over 15 years.  The experience varies widely but it is mainly from relevant areas including ecommerce, payment gateways, blockchain and crypto.


Got it. What an experienced team! With your development, there will definitely be more and more EXENO members in the future~ Ok, please also share with us about

Q3: What do you want to say to all the people that are currently listening to you to convince them to follow your project?


We only deal in “REALs” – we have a REAL team, built and continue to develop REAL products, which are tied in with solving a REAL challenge, i.e. offering safer, more secure, and seamless ways to use crypto not only as a daily part of life but also for its original reason to exist in the first place, namely commerce.  We have set and made REAL milestones and deadlines and continue to do so.  Our exeno coin will have REAL utility and uses.  Finally, we have been a REAL company self funded for two years already and that also allowed us to launch a coin with a focus on its utility rather than raising investment.


The reality, real usability is very important to users, and I think you capture what users really want! I hope more users in need can enjoy your service!

Q4:Can you pls tell us what the utility of EXENO coin is?


The Exeno coin is a multi-block cryptocurrency dedicated to e-commerce. It was created to bring the industry into the Web3 reality. Thanks to it, users will be able to shop and pay with cryptocurrencies easily, quickly and safly. EXN already operates on 3 blockchains and strives to be fully blockchain agnostic in the future.

You may hear it mentioned a few times today but I will break it down:

  • Soon promotions and discounts will only be offered for exeno coin
  • We’ve reinvented the traditional ecommerce concept of cashback.  Soon, when a user purchases a qualifying product they get a percentage of that back in exeno coin.  This is held in a 30 day pending period much like cashback but also it is automatically staked.  This will educate the user on the benefit of crypto and staking plus reward them with a little bit more exeno coin.  We call this our Stake Back program.
  • We will also be launching our affiliate program soon where commissions will be paid out in exeno coin.  Again, these commissions will be paid out in 30 days and again it will be automatically staked.  This is our Affiliate Back program.
  • With the two points above we are hoping users are more encouraged to HODL but we have further features below …
  • We already have a successful Ambassador Program where users perform quality and verified tasks and receive payment in exeno coin.  We have basically created a mini job market centered around exeno coin.
  • When we introduce our peer 2 peer marketplace, we will allow all popular cryptos for transactions, not just stable coins.  A key feature here will be the price stabilization role exeno coin will play.

Any new features introduced will be powered by exeno coin.  As we plan to also spin off our upcoming features and offer them to third parties, that will result in further adoption of exeno coin.

Host Exeno coin ——a multi-block cryptocurrency dedicated to e-commerce. It was created to bring the industry into Web3 reality. Thanks to it, users will be able to shop and pay with cryptocurrencies easily, quickly, and safely.

Thank you for your very detailed answer~

Q5: Are there any exciting news or updates with regards to EXENO  that you would like to share with us?


Of course, the biggest news right now is the AAX IEO and listing. Also, getting listed on two other crypto exchanges shortly afterward is a huge step forward. But this is not the only activity that keeps our team busy at the moment. For example, we have just launched the second wave of our successful ambassador program. In the previous edition, we got more than 10.000 applicants!  That is why we have decided to expand it and increase the rewards pool in EXN (exeno coin) for its active participants.

If this sparks any interest in you, do not hesitate to check the ambassador application website, which you can find here: https://ambassador.exeno.com/   Also, you can follow our latest updates about the program in our social media https://linktr.ee/exeno.

The other great news I believe we can already reveal is that we are just about to launch the following features to support the community and our customers. One is DAO mechanics, and one is the Affiliate & Stake Back Programme.

As for DAO, exeno coin holders will have the ability to impact the development of products and their parameters by participating in proposals created by the creators of the exeno ecosystem and products. The first version of the DAO application will be limited only to the possibility of users voting on the proposals, while in the second version, there will be complete decentralization.

Users will be able to not only vote but also make proposals. User votes calculated based on the amount of EXN in the wallet are counted from all blockchains on which the creator makes EXN available.

Users of the current exeno store (which we call exeno 1.5) will be able to participate in the Affiliate and Stake Back programs from October.


EXENO ambassador application website:https://ambassador.exeno.com/

Welcome to click to view if you are interested~    Thanks for Gosia’s answer, let’s move on~

Q6:Are you a global project or local project? At present, which market are you focusing on?


We always have a global focus and we even have the ability to currently deliver purchased products across the globe.  Right now our current website & store is in English; however, we will aim to explore a multi-lingual approach with the launch of our two upcoming major deployments: Screx our payment gateway and exeno 2.0, our peer 2 peer marketplace.  At that stage we will also decide upon our initial regionalization strategy.

Host: Thanks for answering, looking forward to your regionalization strategy.

Q7:Can you simply introduce the developing plan of EXENO  in a year?


One of the current key milestones is the listing exeno coin on AAX – we start this coming Monday with IEO which we simply cannot wait !:)).

Our roadmap outside the listings is also robust. You can find a very detailed plan outlined in our latest whitepaper, yet to give you an overview of the key milestones we have defined for ourselves, I am going to refer to two main products. One is the peer-to-peer (‘p2p’) exeno marketplace, and one is Screx – an internal payment gateway.

We are going to launch the p2p marketplace in Q2 2023. The marketplace will be a platform for exchanging, selling, and purchasing physical products and digital ones including NFTs. It will be the world’s first peer-to-peer crypto-only marketplace and play a significant role in crypto mass adoption, showing the world that crypto is the ideal commerce asset.

Screx will be the world’s first payment processor and vault within a cryptocurrency market, where users experience the world of centralized and decentralized finance and functionalities using blockchain technology from the inside out. Screx will be equipped with a price stabilization mechanism, SSI creator and identification, and many more unique solutions for Web3 commerce.

Again, I strongly encourage you to look into our whitepaper, which you can find on exeno.com.


Two main products:One is the peer-to-peer (‘p2p’) exeno marketplace, and one is Screx – an internal payment gateway.

https://exeno.com/   You are welcome to click to view it, you will learn something.

Looking forward to EXENO’s future prosperity.

Thanks Gosia and Gary~ I believe that the community has a better understanding of  EXENO.

4. Quick Q&A

Q1:Where can I buy your EXENO coin right now?

Gosia: We have just closed exeno coin private sale, now, what is going on is the AAX IEO starting on 3rd October, followed by the listing event a couple of days later.

Q2:https://t.me/AAXAnnouncement/1271 OK, when will EXENO coins be traded on aax?

Gosia: Trading will be available at 09:00 Oct. 06, 2022 (UTC)

Q3: Do you have any guide for beginners?

Gary: Ask questions and do your research, join our official channels, where members of the team will gladly address your questions

Q4: What is the current value of the EXENO  coin?

Gary:The IEO price will be set to 0.40 USDT per exeno coin while the listing price is set to 0.50 USDT per exeno coin.

Q5: Are you taking the community into consideration? Pls send the link if you have a community.

Gosia: Building community is extremely important to us, all channels where we talk with our engaged community you can find under https://linktr.ee/exeno .

5. Host: 

Q&A part is all over, say goodbye to Gary and Gosia~

The second red packet airdrop, thank you for your waiting and cooperation!

Congratulations to the users who grabbed the red envelopes! Now, let’s go to the last part–quiz together.

6. Quiz

Q1:Now you can get the subscription tickets of exeno coin (EXN) Launchpad through 4 methods, including Hold cryptos and subscribing to Savings. So, when is the subscription start date? (UTC)

A:2022-10-03 09:00

Q2:What is the  Single subscription price in aab of the First launch and subscription of exeno coin (EXN)  in AAX?

A:0.5 AAB

Q3:What is the total issuance of AAB payment and USDT payment for exeno coin (EXN) Launchpad?

A: 75000 EXN

Q4:What is the Two main products of EXENO mentioned above?

A: Two main products, One is the peer-to-peer (‘p2p’) exeno marketplace, and one is Screx – an internal payment gateway

Q5:What kind of person is the Exeno Ambassador Program looking for? (The answer is the same as the official website)

A: blockchain enthusiasts, shopping & lifestyle influencers

7. Host:

AMA has a perfect ending!

As a final thank you gift, please be ready to receive the last red envelope, everyone!

🧧Airdrop Red  Envelopes Link:(Three rounds of red envelopes can be received by a total of 300 people)




 🧧Quiz Award Link:(Telegram ids of the winning users for part6 quiz:@yasuo161   @Alex_harris      @NguynKhiCa   @emregw      @Selvaricky)







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