Exeno.com is the only and largest global online store that allows you to pay for selected products only in cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Vault (BTCV). We provide our clients with access to thousands of items from the most popular product categories: Electronics, Fashion, Home and Garden, Children, Culture and Entertainment, Beauty, Health, Automotive, Sports and Tourism, and Collections and Art.
The security of our clients' data is a priority for us and we take care of it on many levels. Exeno offers a variety of account security features starting with SSL, through two-factor authentication, and finishing on various notification settings. We regularly update our security options and constantly improve those already existing.
Exeno requires authentication using the Google Authenticator two-factor verification method. It is a phone application that generates one-time codes. Whenever you sign in, your account will ask you to enter a code generated by the Google app. Thanks to this, you will be certain that even in case of a hack on your computer, no one will be able to use the store's services on your behalf from your account.
First, click Register on the home page. Next, fill in the registration form with the indicated data. To complete the account registration process, the Google Authenticator app must be downloaded. Use your phone to scan the QR code from the registration form and add our store to the list in the Google tool. Complete the registration by entering the code generated in the Google application. Remember to provide real data in the form!
No, our users do not have to undergo the KYC procedure, provide scans of their documents and other sensitive data. Shopping on Exeno is anonymous! For the correct handling of the order, we only require a properly registered account, name, and surname, as well as shipping address for the purchased products. Remember! Providing false information in the order form when finalizing the purchase may result in a lack of delivery or the inability to make a complaint for which we are not responsible.
Yes, purchases in our store can only be made by people who are at least 18 years old.
The account will be activated after completing all steps during account registration and verification of your registration form by our Support team. You will receive an email confirmation of account activation.
Activation links are sent automatically after our Support team confirms the account. If you haven't received the link within 24 hours, write to us at [email protected] or report a bug via the form available in the Contact Us tab. We will solve this problem!
First, click Login on the main page. The login page will appear in the next step. Enter the email address and password used when registering the account. To verify your account enter the Google Authenticator code.
If you enter the correct data that was used during the registration process (email and password) and you cannot log in, first check if the keyboard settings on your device have changed or if you have pressed the CapsLock key. Logging in problems may also appear when using an incorrect Google Authenticator code. If the problem persists after checking all the above-mentioned options, write to us at [email protected] or report a bug via the form in the Contact Us tab.
Due to the complex IT structure of our store and the solutions applied in it, it is not possible to change the email address. If you want to change your password, once logged in, click Account information and then Change password. Remember to save your changes after completing each step.
In order to close an Exeno.com account, please send a message (from the email address used to register the account) with a request to close the account to the [email protected] address.
Shopping in our store is possible for registered and logged in users only. Users who are not registered and not logged in can only browse products.
Contacting our Customer Support differs for signed in and not signed in users. Users who are not logged in have only two options for contact, i.e. by email [email protected] or the form in the Contact Us tab. Logged in users have access to the full Customer Support and direct contact with our Support. The Customer Support handles requests from Monday to Saturday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm (UTC +2).
In our store, you can only pay with the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Vault (BTCV). During the account registration, each user automatically receives individual wallets for making transactions with the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies, that will be assigned to this account. This solution is possible because of the integration of our shop system with the payment system. Thanks to this, you can make real-time payments for selected products. It is very easy! Top up your balance, select products, and just pay! Exeno.com is the only place on earth where you can pay with cryptocurrencies directly from your store wallet.
Making payments for selected products is only possible from individual store wallets assigned to each account. Thanks to this, each registered user can make a payment quickly, safely, and at the most favorable price at the time of the transaction. The payment solution used in our store facilitates the process of transferring funds and the purchasing process without exposing users to financial losses due to intermediary commissions and the burden on the Blockchain network.
After logging in to your account, you can check the current balance of your funds in the Wallets tab. Among the information displayed, you will find the cryptocurrency name, the address of the wallet for adding funds, and the current balance. You can transfer funds to the wallet you specified from each service provider (stock exchange, external wallets, hardware wallets) with whom you currently keep your cryptocurrencies. Paste the wallet address at the supplier where you keep the funds and transfer them to your store wallet. The payment will be added to your account after receiving the appropriate number of confirmations from the network. Be sure to double-check whether the deposit address has been entered correctly.
If the funds are not yet visible on your account, please check:
  1. If the payment has been made to the correct address – each letter/digit matters.
  2. The number of transaction confirmations.
As for Bitcoin, the funds are credited upon receipt 3 confirmations from the network. In the case of Ethereum, the funds are credited after receiving 18 confirmations from the network. In the case of Bitcoin Vault, the funds are credited after receiving 3 confirmations from the network. The time of receipt of the transaction-based confirmation depends on the network load and the "fee" payment made by the transfer's sender. If your payment has not been added to your account, log into your account and contact our Customer Support.
You can check the transaction by entering the target address in the search engine available on the following pages:
  1. BTC - https://www.blockchain.com/
  2. ETH - https://etherchain.org/
  3. BTVC - https://explorer.bitcoinvault.global/
You can always order the withdrawal of your funds! To make a Withdrawal, select the Withdraw option in the Wallets tab and follow the messages that appear.
Kanga.Exchange is our trusted business partner. Together, we have developed a unique solution that allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies in real time. Kanga.Exchange is a platform dedicated to all participants of the cryptocurrency market, i.e. investors, creators, brokers, and other entities. The heart of the project is the creation of transaction processing mechanisms for users who prefer other payment methods than those with traditional currencies.
Kanga.Exchange is responsible for the proper protection of your funds and the processing of payment transactions in our store. Thanks to the integration of our store system with the Kanga.Exchange IT system, you can add funds, check your balance, make payments for products or withdraw funds from your store wallets in your Exeno.com account. You can learn more about Kanga.Exchange and their security measures at https://kanga.exchange.
The commission for buying in our store is 1.8%, which is a fixed fee added to the full amount of your purchases.
Following each purchase, our customers receive an invoice for purchases made. The invoice, issued automatically by our system in cryptocurrency, has the value corresponding to the payment made for the purchased goods.
Yes, for the sake of security of purchases made on Exeno.com, the limit for a single purchase is $10,000. If the value of a one-time order is exceeded, our system will ask you to remove the purchase items exceeding the set limit. After finalizing the order and paying for it, you can make another purchase up to the set limit.
The prices of products on Exeno.com depend on the current cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Vault, Ethereum) exchange rate. The value of goods is dynamic and may change slightly while viewing offers or finalizing the order. Only after pressing the Pay button, our shop system blocks the price for selected products for approximately 1 minute. At this point, you must make a payment for the products you selected. If you fail to pay immediately, i.e. within 1 minute, the price of the products may slightly differ in another attempt. The price does not include taxes and customs due on international delivery, which may be charged by local Government agencies. All such taxes and customs are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.
The solutions applied in the store allow you to make a payment for the purchased products in approximately 1 minute, which is roughly the duration of the billing process between the buyer and our store. Remember that when making payments, you use your store Wallets, so the entire transaction is a real-time one and takes place regardless of the Blockchain network load.
To start your participation in the Exeno affiliate program, register and then log into your Exeno account, and next click the Affiliate Program tile. After being redirected to your affiliate panel, read all the information about the benefits of participating in the program. No account verification or any other additional steps are required to participate. In the "Invite Friends" section, you will find the information you need to invite first people to Exeno within the partner program. These are, among others: Your individual number (Referral ID), and a special link that you can also use to invite new people to Exeno. After people invited by you correctly register on Exeno using your individual affiliate number or link, your account will receive a one-time commission of 10% for orders correctly completed and paid by these people. The commission will be paid in our internal currency Exeno Tokens. You can also collect additional Tokens by shopping on Exeno on your own. After each order is correctly made and paid for by you, you will receive a 10% refund of the amount spent in Exeno Tokens. The collected Tokens can be used to generate discount codes for subsequent purchases or used to unlock access to exclusive content, pre-sales, or promotions.
After logging in to your account, go to the Affiliate Program tab. This is where you can check the number of people you invited, the number of coins collected, and information on how you can use the collected Exeno Coins.
When shopping on Exeno, the only difference is an innovative method of payment, thanks to which you do not have to use several brokers to convert your cryptocurrencies to fiat money, you do not have to pay exchange taxes, you do not have to waste your money on commissions, and thus you have more left to spend. Other store functionalities work the same way as in many traditional online stores.
In case of any problem, contact our Support to solve it. Open the Customer Support tab and select the appropriate conversation topic. After you describe the issue, our consultant will provide immediate assistance. When it comes to customer service, an efficient and fast Help Center is a priority for us!
We will inform you about the order fulfillment at every stage of processing in messages sent to the email address. We distinguish between three statuses within the process of order fulfillment:
  1. During processing
  2. In progress
  3. Shipped
Additionally, you can check the status of your order in your account in the My Orders tab.
Our store cooperates with the largest shipping companies from around the world. When finalizing the order, you will get to know the cost of shipping to the indicated location and the approximate date of delivery. After paying for the order, you will receive an email with information about the order status, including carrier details and a tracking number, at each stage. In addition, all information about your order can be found in the Order Details tab in your profile. We ship goods after 72 hours from accepting the order or, in some cases, up to a maximum of 7 days. Depending on the location, the delivery of products takes up to 21 days.
At Exeno, we serve customers from all over the world. There is no place we do not deliver goods ordered in our store to, as long as this place has a physical address.
Unfortunately, the return of purchased goods for reasons other than a product defect is not possible in our store. A refund is also not possible. Purchases made using cryptocurrency payments are not refundable because product prices depend on exchange rate fluctuations on the financial market, over which we have no control. The products in our store come directly from manufacturers and official distribution networks. Please check the product specification carefully before making a purchase and make thoughtful purchasing decisions to take full advantage of our store's potential.
We make every effort to ensure that the devices delivered are free from technical defects and we care about a high level of delivery service provided by the shipping companies cooperating with us. However, there are few situations when the return or replacement of the purchased device is possible:
  1. A courier company delivered a damaged package to you? Open the package in the presence of the courier and check the contents carefully. If the content is damaged, fill in the damage protocol in the presence of the courier on the official shipping company delivering the order letterhead and take the original report with you (describe the fault/damage in detail in the protocol). In the next step, log into your Exeno.com profile and contact our Customer Support. Our consultants will determine the return procedure with you and send you the necessary documents.
  2. The device you ordered does not work? Log into your Exeno.com profile and contact our Customer Support. Our consultants will set the procedure for replacing the device with a new one with you, and send you the necessary documents.
All products available on Exeno.com have a manufacturer's warranty. Depending on the type of device and the manufacturer, the warranty period ranges from 1 year to 2 years.
All warranty repairs are carried out by authorized services of the given device's manufacturer. If the manufacturer's service refuses the repair, please contact our Customer Support to learn about the warranty procedure. An authorized manufacturer's refusal to service must be documented in writing, on the official service letterhead, and must have stamps identifying the service. The cost of shipping the damaged device is the responsibility of the buyer.
First, go to the device manufacturer's website. If you do not find information about the authorized service in your current location, please contact the nearest service available. If you still have a problem finding the manufacturer's authorized service point, write to our Customer Support, and we will help you find it.
We serve the customers in English only. We will extend our communication to other languages in the future.
More information about the company and our store can be found in the About Us and Contact Us tabs.