Exeno Breaks AAX’s IEO Records for the Year

The exeno team is thrilled to share exeno’s latest milestone of setting a new highest record at AAX’s launchpad for being the most subscribed IEO of the year!

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Critical Stats About exeno’s Launch
  • We broke the record for most biggest IEO of the year on AAX’s launchpad
  • The initial soft cap of 75,000 $EXN was raised almost instantly
  • $EXN was priced of $0.4 during its IEO debut, making it a huge feat for a new launch

We Have Officially Taken Off!

The exeno coin (EXN) was launched on AAX’s launchpad at precisely 9 AM GST on the 3rd of October, 2022, for its first round of fundraising. It went on for only 24 hours. 

A mere 4 minutes after the launch, the soft cap target of 75,000 $EXN was reached! Within hours, it had surpassed the 6000% fundraising level and reached the status of ‘Oversubscribed.’ It equates to a staggering 1.7 million $EXN (around $683,000).

This IEO with AAX is a feather in our cap that will pave the way for many crypto investors and blockchain enthusiasts to learn about the rich value proposition that exeno coin brings to the world of crypto commerce and how it will fuel and nurture relationships in the exeno ecosystem. The exeno coin is a crucial driver of all protocols in the exeno ecosystem and will catalyze the linking of the vast virtual world with physical goods.

$EXN was priced at $0.4 during the IEO, which is a massive signal that investors recognize the potential and real-world utility that exeno can bring to the crypto space!

First Step Towards Ushering In A New Era Of Crypto Commerce

This month has also seen a lot of exciting updates!

We are on our path to deploying our B2B payment & resolution backend solution, Screx, and the exeno P2P marketplace by Q2 of 2023. 

As we celebrate this phenomenal success, we are also aware that many users could not participate in our first fundraising round on AAX due to the blazing-fast sell-out in this round. A total of 65,000,000 tokens are planned to be allocated during all stages, constituting 13% of the total supply.

If you are among them, you can still be a part of exeno by participating in our following listing on AAX on the 6th of October. Additionally, we are gearing up for our launch on LBank on 13th of October and BitMart; date will be announced shortly. 

Exeno’s vision is to change the game of crypto-commerce and lead its revolution ultimately. The overwhelming support of the investors who participated in the exeno fundraiser round reaffirms our mission. 

Thanks to our entire community and stakeholders for their continued support. We are on our path to becoming the face of e-commerce in the web3 era!


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