How is Exeno Driving Crypto to the Masses?

Crypto is mostly used when it comes to trading and long-term investment opportunities, but not as much in terms of daily use. Exeno believes that it’s time to make this change.

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 Exeno mission is “bringing crypto to life”.

The adoption of cryptocurrency around the world has increased exponentially over the recent years, as the global adoption of crypto has grown by an astounding 2,300% between 2019 and 2021 (according to Chainanalysis). Currently, more than  300 million people around the world are already using cryptocurrencies. Despite this increase, crypto is mostly used when it comes to trading and long-term investment opportunities, not as much in terms of daily use. Exeno, an aspiring leader in the market of crypto-commerce believes that it’s time to make this change, taking advantage of the world of opportunity offered by new technology, staying true to our mission of “bringing crypto to life”.

The Inspiration 

Taking into account the growing crypto market and its needs, exeno began its journey into addressing its mission statement by putting a spotlight on enabling purchases via cryptocurrencies, partnering with major payment platforms like Binance, and accepting cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and USDT.

After a lot more research and development into this concept, exeno decided to take things to the next level, moving fast in order to be a leader in the c-commerce industry and play a part in bringing crypto to everyday lives.

Innovating Towards the Future

Virtual Currencies for Tangible Goods 

The exeno store was developed with the idea of bringing real, branded goods into the homes of our users, with as much ease in the consumer journey as possible. The platform displays a broad assortment of physical goods that users can purchase using cryptocurrencies, shipping its products to almost any country. Featuring computers, phones, and other electronics, sporting equipment, household goods, beauty products, and pet accessories, exeno is diversifying its product range to cater to multiple consumer needs, while integrating society’s newest digital asset, crypto. 

A New Currency

To begin, exeno decided to launch its own cryptocurrency, the exeno coin (EXN), in order to pave the way for many, many product developments that could follow. The current sale/ICO for EXN is set to introduce (albeit it on a basic level) a key part of exeno’s vision, namely being blockchain agnostic, ensuring a true multi-chain experience from the start.

There’s more: the exeno team will soon be introducing their own bridge solution to enable seamless conversion of the exeno coin from one blockchain version to another. This means that you won’t have to go through the hassle of setting up your favorite wallet to operate with a certain type of cryptocurrency, but you would readily be able to use it on the platform to perform transactions easily. All this enables quick transactions that make crypto more and more of an accepted, preferred payment method as part of the online shopping experience.

The Cash-Back Flashback

On top of crypto integrations to regular facilities, we strive to innovate and keep our users interested in what more they can do with their digital wallets. Currently, we’re working on our own take on cash back programs – called the Stake Back program, which is essentially the same concept except you would earn in EXN instead of cash! How it works is after making a purchase that’s eligible for Stake Back, and waiting until the order fully goes through, the user receives the amount plus stake earned. Along with learning why they received more than expected, the happy customers will then be offered the option to keep the EXN within the staking pool to collect more.

A Marketplace within a Marketplace

Integrating NFT technology further into the platform, creators and users will be able to list, sell, trade and purchase work on an NFT marketplace without leaving the platform, transacting through the exeno coin. This will be exclusive to those who have invested in the coin, yet this too is just a stepping stone to making exeno a hub for all things crypto. 

With more and more innovations done by our hardworking team, we have seen great growth over the last year and will continue to focus on diversifications that truly bring crypto to life, for everyone.


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