Shopping with crypto step by step: What you need to know

You’ve been investing in cryptocurrency for a while now, and you’ve watched it grow. Now you want to start bringing it to life, using your digital currency to purchase tangible goods. Where do you start?

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How it works

The easiest, most seamless way to make purchases with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is with a crypto debit card. Working like a regular bank debit card, preloaded with the cryptocurrency of your choice, the card can be used in stores and the purchase is converted for  the merchant in fiat money, such as USD. There are even participating ATMs whereby you can withdraw cash, as many of these debit cards participate in major networks such as MasterCard and Visa. 

So, how do you get your hands on one of these cards? There are a growing number of entities that act as intermediaries for exactly this, such as crypto.com, which offers visa cards with upto 8% cash back rewards, and allows you to fund your debit card with over 1,300 different crypto coins. Through this card, you can make purchases on Amazon, eBay, and even Walmart, basically anywhere that Visa or MasterCard is accepted 


Why use crypto and not centralized currency?

  • There are lower transaction fees associated
  • It opens doors to purchasing from entities all around the world 
  • Transactions are processed much faster as it’s a decentralized system 
  • There is a high-level of security preventing eCommerce fraud

What can I buy?

Anything and everything that accepts cryptocurrency as a payment! Subscribe to news bulletins, purchase insurance policies, buy tickets for events, conferences, and concerts, shop at luxury stores, and you can even buy cars! Laying the playing field for the next generation, exeno is diversifying its portfolio, enabling consumers to purchase a broad assortment of physical goods using cryptocurrencies, and shipping products to almost any country. Featuring computers, phones, and other electronics, sporting equipment, household goods, beauty products, and pet accessories.

Purchasing on exeno store

Exeno has prioritized the consumer journey and made it incredibly easy to purchase any of the items on the marketplace. With just a few clicks, you’ll be done, ready to wait for your gift to yourself to arrive at your doorstep. Here’s a walkthrough using exeno as a benchmark for how easy it is to shop using crypto. 

  1. Simply pick the items you would like to order
  2. Verify the price and add to cart 
  3. Sign in to your web wallet and fill out the details
  4. Pick your crypto payment method
  5. And eagerly wait for your goodies to be delivered to your doorstep! 

Concluding Remarks

With fast-evolving technology to revolutionize the financial world, online stores are quickly adapting to not only diversify their online product portfolios, but also to include cryptocurrency as a payment method, making the purchasing experience faster, easier, and incredibly consumer-friendly. The process is a lot easier than it may initially seem, and the advantages associated with using crypto are immense. This new revolution is building bridges for businesses to grow and consumers to connect with them, from one end of the world to the next!


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