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As a crypto commerce ("c-commerce") tech innovator, exeno is developing blockchain solutions from the ground up to drive this sector forward.




Exeno Finance

The world’s first payments, ID, and DeFi platform in one supporting various industries including crypto commerce that offers a safe and transparent multi-blockchain experience. We open doors to decentralized finances and functionalities using blockchain technology from the inside out. Exeno finance brings together solutions – traditionally available as separate products – such as staking, bridging, swapping, managing decentralized wallets, and storing virtual identities, all under one roof, providing unrivaled functionality, features, and rewarding. We bring crypto to life.

Live Multichain Features

  • Stake with popular cryptocurrencies but choose how you earn
  • Earn like never before in a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Bridge both quickly and with the ability to reduce your fees
  • Compatibile with Web3 identity
  • Compatible with multiple crypto wallets
  • Option to earn better or pay lower fees with EXN

Coming Soon

  • Swap as it was meant to be fast, easy, and multi-chain
  • Manage decentralized wallets and use what you want
  • Provide liquidity and earn on many services not just one
  • Create blockchain SSI / Web3 identity – exeno ID
  • Crypto based escrow, offering an innovative new payment type
  • Create crypto vouchers (p2p agreement)

Product Status: LIVE


To power this new DeFi and crypto commerce relationship forward, exeno coin (“EXN”) was created. This EIP-1363 multi-blockchain coin currently sits on BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon (expanding to more). It it also listed on top tier exchanges (expanding to more) where you can easily buy it or trade it. Users can also earn EXN on exeno finance platform and by joining the exeno affiliate or ambassador programs. More features are already being planned and worked on, with some listed below and available on exeno.finance.

Live Multichain Features

  • Buy & Trade EXN on top tier exchanges
  • Earn more with EXN on exeno.finance
  • Earn EXN in Ambassador & Affiliate programs
  • Pay with EXN for fees on exeno.finance
  • Pay with EXN for goods in exeno store
  • Hodl EXN on you favorite blockchain
  • And much more

Product Status: LIVE


Becoming the world’s first peer to peer (“p2p”) crypto only marketplace is no easy achievement. From the beginning, the exeno team have been working on a fully transparent and completely secure environment to buy/sell products using cryptocurrencies. From seamless p2p transactions and crypto price stabilization mechanics to security and identity features unseen before in the industry, exeno 2.0 will not only show off the power of exeno.finance and exeno coin, but also play a significant role in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, showing the world that cryptocurrency is an ideal trading asset and that fiat is no longer king.

Key Features

  • World’s first crypto-based p2p marketplace
  • Exeno ID verification integration resolving security and review fraud
  • Unique utility of NFT technology within commerce
  • Resolution center based on blockchain
  • Unrivaled price stabilizing mechanism
  • Affiliate program based on blockchain
  • And much more

Product Status: In development. Launching in Q3 2023


The Screx is an intuitive crypto commerce app and platform where users can purchase everyday items using only crypto. Built from the ground up, it offers a more relevant way to use your crypto, and the team continues to develop its interface and optimize it. New blockchain features are continuously being developed and added to both enhance the current experience but also prepare for upcoming products on the roadmap. Screx on Binance is developed and powered by Exeno™.

Live Features

  • Available on Binance.com & Binance App
  • Full product & International logistics
  • Compatible with multiple crypto wallets
  • Compatible with Web3 identity
  • Ongoing partner and exeno promotions
  • Affiliate program based on blockchain
  • Pay with EXN & 50+ more crypto

Product Status: LIVE

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